Roasted Sweet Potato Emoji 🍠

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🍠 - The Roasted Sweet Potato emoji features a roasted sweet potato. It represents sweet potatoes, roasted foods, tubers, and many of the foods associated with sweet potatoes, such as fries, chips, mashed and baked potatoes, and more. The potato emoji also refers to vegetables, healthy eating, diets, vitamins, gardens, cooking, and produce.

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Other Names

  • 🍠 Goguma
  • 🍠 Sweet Potato
  • 🍠 Yam

Other Emoji Information

Name Roasted Sweet Potato
Unicode code points
Unicode version 6.0 (2010)
Emoji version 1.0 (2015)
Keywords roasted, orange, potatoes, sweet, mashed, chips, vegetables, tubers, gardens, cooking, produce, diets, healthy