Person Facepalming Emoji 🤦

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🤦 - The Person Facepalming emoji displays a person "facepalming" or covering their face with one hand. This emoji refers to gestures, faces, and palms, and is used to express impatience, disdain, aggravation, embarrassment, or frustration with another person or regarding a situation. This emoji has gendered versions: the Man Facepalming emoji and the Woman Facepalming emoji.

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Other Names

  • 🤦 Face Palm
  • 🤦 Picard
  • 🤦 SMH
  • 🤦 Facepalm
  • 🤦 Hitting Head

Other Emoji Information

Name Person Facepalming
Unicode code points
Unicode version 9.0 (2016)
Emoji version 3.0 (2016)
Keywords exasperation, palm, disbelief, face, person, facepalming, face, palms, palming, embarrassment, frustration, gestures