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{{infoemoji|Chipmunk|U+1F43F|128063|\1F43F|7.0 (2014)|1.0 (2015)|squirrels, chipmunks, nuts, rodents, trees, forests}}
{{infoemoji|Chipmunk|U+1F43F|128063|\1F43F|7.0 (2014)|1.0 (2015)|squirrels, chipmunks, nuts, rodents, trees, forests, Alvin}}
[[Category:Unicode version 7.0]]
[[Category:Unicode version 7.0]]
[[Category:Emoji version 1.0]]
[[Category:Emoji version 1.0]]

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🐿 - The Chipmunk emoji depicts a chipmunk. It is used to refer to chipmunks, rodents, cute animals, squirrels, nuts, tree animals, and is also associated with the popular franchise, "Alvin and the Chipmunks."

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Other Emoji Information

Name Chipmunk
Unicode code points
Unicode version 7.0 (2014)
Emoji version 1.0 (2015)
Keywords squirrels, chipmunks, nuts, rodents, trees, forests, Alvin