Star-Struck Emoji 🤩

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🤩 - The Star-Struck emoji shows a smiling face with stars in place of eyes. It's used to express extreme joy, happiness, admiration, appreciation, or for being star-struck or impressed.

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Other Names

  • 🤩 Grinning Face with Star Eyes
  • 🤩 Face with Starry Eyes
  • 🤩 Starry Eyed
  • 🤩 Wow Face
  • 🤩 Excited
  • 🤩 Star Eyes

Other Emoji Information

Name Star-Struck
Unicode code points
Unicode version 10.0 (2017)
Emoji version 5.0 (2017)
Keywords admiration, appreciation, happiness, joy, star-struck, stars, eyes, faces, expressions, emotions